Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Life-Changing Salmon

By popular request, here it is. Another simple but delicious cooking exploit--pretty much directly out of Joy of Cooking, but with modifications.

2 nice organic salmon fillets + butter/shallot/fresh parsley sauce, with a hint of dried oregano and thyme, and a squeeze of lemon juice. All wrapped up in 2 separate parcels of foil, baked at 500F for about 15 minutes, so it was well-done but anything but dry. We had the leftover sauce over potatoes, and green beans on the side.

Fresh Direct (our local grocery delivery service) seems to be getting better about having good ingredients--I believe the organic salmon is a recent addition, and we're delighted, since that means we don't have to traipse to Citarella to get our fish. I'm sure there's probably a good fishmonger in Park Slope, but we haven't had time to explore much yet.

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