Friday, August 17, 2007

An bhfuil sibh réidh? (Are ye ready?)

While we were in Paris, Jenny bought cds of MC Solaar and Shy'm. I've been enjoying both since I got back--they're especially suitable for Home Improvement Projects. I'm creating an office out of our kitchen closet--quite an adventure in managing old plaster and horrid shelves from some decade past, but greatly improved by these cds and beer.

First, MC Solaar. This isn't a video, but so far, it's one of my favorite songs on the album.

...and Shy'm. Delightfully cheesy, and she will always remind me of one particular summer evening at our friend Chris's apartment in Belleville, getting ready to go out, with him giving running commentary from the bathroom. This wasn't the song I'd have chosen (I was looking for "Sur les Dancefloors"), but oh, well!

There's just something so cool about Paris. Just being there made me feel--as would put it--Top of Cool. Imagine these two songs as part of the soundtrack to an evening which began with dinner outside at a fabulous pizza restaurant and ended with meeting up with a very cool crowd of Parisians and expats at a slightly dive-y lesbian bar in the Marais, where my Perrier had a bright green glo-stick in it! Definitely Top of Cool.

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