Friday, April 18, 2008

A Mystery

Yesterday the stash of tea I brought over from Ireland ran out. I've been watching it dwindle over the past week or so, and haven't had time to get to the bodega in the East Village that, strangely, carries Barry's and Lyons. Usually, when this happens, I happily settle for the Yorkshire Gold that I found in various places along the paths I tread most often: Citarella, Whole Foods, etc. But as of last night, I have been to two Whole Foods locations and one Citarella outpost, as well as our local yuppie Union Market, and not a box of Yorkshire Gold to be found!

It's weird.

So I did what I could to avoid Twinings, and wound up with a box of Harney's Irish Breakfast. Except for the caffeine content, I may as well be drinking hot water. Twinings may even have more taste.

I guess I need to make time to go to that bodega. It's a shame I don't have the coordination or force of will first thing in the morning to deal with loose tea, but so it goes.


Lauren said...

Have you looked at plain 'ole supermarkets for barry's? I know I've seen it at those types of stores before (maybe at Giant in Bethesda?) - if it's not w/ the tea, check out the "foreign food" section where sometimes they have some imported British-type stuff.

T said...

It's funny...I haven't set foot in an NYC supermarket since I've been back! But yes--even the Kroger in Lynchburg carries Barry's. So maybe I'll take a walk up to the Key Food tomorrow--that is, if the idea of waking up again to this Harney's doesn't drive me to the East Village this evening!

Rob said...

The Giants in Silver Spring and Van Ness (and I guess Bethesda too!) seem to have found a vendor of British and Irish foods. Not only do they have Barry's Tea, but there's Branston Pickle, Hobnobs, Marmite, HP Sauce... Goodness knows who in Silver Spring buys such things, but I'm happy about the tea and Hobnobs anyway.

(Want me to send you a box, Tes?)

T said...

Wouldn't that be really and truly sad, if you had to send me a box of Barry's to NYC from DC! Well, I'm sorted for tomorrow morning, anyway...tonight I nicked a couple of Barry's tea bags from a certain department which probably need not be named (where *else* would have Irish tea?), and then the search continues, since I didn't make it to the East Village today.