Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some Food, and Kitty Hilarity (sort of)

Once again, from my postings (or lack thereof), you'd think we haven't been eating, haven't been cooking, or both. Not quite true, although the last few weeks have passed in a blur that meant "catch as catch can" for most meals.

Having said that, though, the new hit around here is a sort of deconstructed pesto & greens pasta dish I put together a couple of weeks ago and replicated yesterday. After all, we have to use up all that farfalle somehow!

In a big iron skillet: lots of garlic, some olive oil, a bunch of chopped chard (or arugula, which I used yesterday), a few leaves of fresh marjoram, a little salt, sauteed until the greens are done to taste. Then finely chopped basil stirred in in the last couple of minutes. Toss that with hot cooked farfalle, a handful of pine nuts, and possibly a bit of tomato and a few olives. Rennet-free parmesan for me, soy gouda for J, and it's a fabulous and fast lunch.

J has also been making hummus a lot lately, and that's been a treat.

As for the kitty: a simple annual checkup turned out to be a day-long ordeal yesterday when she went ballistic in the examining room and had to be sedated. If that weren't bad enough (both that she & all the people involved had to go through it, and that it was expensive!), it's taken her a long time to come down from the sedative and the drug they give to reverse its effects. I do confess that I found her stumbling around a bit funny, and what seemed to be some kitty hallucinations hilarious: she was convinced last night that my cd binder was her mortal enemy, and this morning she was growling at J's bag of clothes to be drycleaned.

Luckily, she's fine now, and the checkup didn't turn up anything wrong, although we haven't gotten blood test results back yet.


Rob said...

Oh, poor little beast.

Did I tell you about when the vet thought Kyosaku might have feline epilepsy and put her on valium? That was a night to remember.

pleasurefromthethorns said...

cd binders are assholes...i don't blame her

Rob said...

Have you heard back about Maddie's bloodwork yet?

T said...

Nope...we're not too impressed with that vet--after all Maddie (and we) went through, and absolutely *NO* communication from the vet yet at all, a-tall. Just a few words from the 'technician" saying that she "seems fine." Well, yeah, she does...and if that's as much information as we're going to get, then why the fuck did we put her through that and pay over $300 to be told that she "seems fine"?!? We could have said that before we even took her in!

An Briosca Mor said...

Re your pasta dish, how can it be any good if you never fecked anything into it?

T said...

Oh, ok, John, if you must--I fecked the pine nuts in. Happy?