Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rappin' Rufus

In the words of the rural South, I like to have died when I heard this! And it's not just any Jimmy Shand tune--it's one that Jackie plays all the time, which means that yes, I also play it (after a fashion), even though I can't fucking stand the thing!

Thanks, Sophie! And those of you who are also rabid readers of Rob's blog will just have to bear with the multiple postings. It's too, er, good not to post.

In other news, I'm now in Cambridge, and just today got set up with internet! Expect some blogging about that in the near future, and maybe even some photos once I remember to take the camera when I venture out.


An Briosca Mor said...

Cambridge, England rather than Cambridge, Mass, I presume? That would explain why you haven't been seen much in the blogosphere of late.

As for why I haven't been seen much myself, I suppose winter is to blame. Not as exciting an excuse as Cambridge, alas...

T said...

Yep, Cambridge, England--Jesus College, to be exact, which leads to all sorts of inadvertently hilarious utterances, like "Are you going back to Jesus now?"

I do intend to blog more about being here, but life is a little hectic at the moment, as the term has just started. I'm not officially taking classes, but do have various obligations related to my fellowship, as well as working on my own stuff.

Rob said...

Wow, it seems like ages ago that you published this. You've been with Jesus a long, long time.

Just FYI, this video was taken down apparently because the doctored image violated copyright. Here's the updated version. The mix is better too.