Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Things You Just Can't Explain

A procrastinatory look at Sitemeter told me that I've had a whole slew of hits lately for "roasted red pepper soup," "giving cats amoxicillin" (which I didn't even write about--I was talking more about getting kitty meds on me!), and of course, the enduring favorite, poor dear P---y P--n. Gotta love Google--I'm on the first page of searches for all three.

Mysteries of the universe. Here's another: why, with so many things I could or should be doing, am I looking up where my blog falls in Google searches?

Right so. Time for a cup of tea, and if not some real work, then something a little more useful.

1 comment:

Rob said...

Heh. I mainly get hits for people looking for that uncomfortable pic of Rachael Ray licking the wooden spoon. Though "fleece hoodie bondage" was hot for a couple of days there.