Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Morning

...with coffee, but without oranges or the cockatoo, and considerably more companionable and less angst-ridden than Wallace Stevens would have it.

And--complete with Anna's brilliant "Dutch pancake":

Now, let's see if I remember the recipe at all. I think it's resplendent with threes, which its cook, with her demurely comprehensive knowledge of the Bible, surely appreciates--

3 eggs
3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup milk

--whisked together, poured into a cake pan (or, in this case, a large souffle dish) and baked at--hmm, did I see 450 on the oven display? And how long did it cook? Maybe 15 minutes? 20? Anna didn't have enough milk, so rounded out the ration with heavy cream and a bit of water. And there were three of us to share it. I et mine with a dusting of powdered sugar and a squeeze of lime, which gave a very different flavor than the usual lemon, but was still very nice.


Lauren said...

Yum! No sweetener in the batter?

Sophie said...


And we do eat a lot of pancakes in Holland (if the Dutch referred to means us guys from The Netherlands rather then the Pennsylvania Dutch who are Germans)though we tend to pan fry them.

The best, though, are poffertjes
( but you need a special kind of pan to make those.

Sophie said...

Sorry, I meant rather "than". *blush*

Also, as you've tagged it "silly pajamas": do you still have those pajama-bottoms with the "cross girl" pattern? I love those, though they must be falling apart if you still have them.

T said...

Nope, no sweetener in the batter. And one detail I forgot to include is that Anna melts butter in the bottom of the pan before she puts the batter in.

Mmmm, the poffertjes look really good, too! Definitely of the same ilk as Anna's thing. And I have no idea which "Dutch" this recipe invokes.

As for those pajamas (the "Bad Hair Day" ones, right?): yes, they just recently bit the dust, because yes, they were falling apart! Now the little dogs are the silliest pajamas I have.