Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Night Flotsam

...or jetsam?

Monday I made a lovely stew I shall know henceforth as Okra Thing, even though it bears little relation to Beet Thing (see a previous post from, hmmm, August or September 2008). Okra Thing was simple, homespun--garlic, an onion, a small can of tomatoes, and about a cup and a half of okra. I did with it just as you'd expect: sauteed the garlic and onion, and then fecked the rest in and let it go until I thought it looked done enough. Delicious. Last night, I cut up some chicken, sauteed it, and put the leftover OT in the pan at the end. It reminded me of something I'm sometimes served on the Delta flight between JFK and Shannon, except much, much better, and with okra instead of random vegetables. Delta, take note.

(And for those of you who hate the sliminess of okra, trust me and my Aunt Mary Margaret on this one: tomato takes care of the slime.)

What else have I made this week?

1. Sentences, paragraphs, and a research proposal.
2. A trip to the Whole Foods in Hadley.
3. A hole in my silly dog pajamas.
4. Sore muscles from my first ever aerobics classes.
5. Some new friends? Too early to tell.
6. 2 trips to Woodstar for their divine Nantucket sandwich.
7. Many, many cups of tea.

And so, to bed.

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