Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Addendum #2, from Jenny's Comment

Jenny's additions can't just stay buried in the comments, so here they are:

Five things I must add, darling:

1) The NYU party being broken up, cuz we're all a buncha derelicts;

2) Allen's belt buckle that opened all our beers (please, Santa, can I have one for Christmas??);

3) Me getting in a fight with the hotel bartender;

4) Cleen's nickname for the weekend: Dirty Schrey;

5) Many awesome intomollectual conversations in our hotel room, over pints stolen from the hotel bar.

Good times.

We also had fun brushing our teeth:

...and saw this BIZARRO poster advertising the "Chocolate Nutcracker" in Columbus in November:


Lauren said...

Y'all are making me jealous! Sounds like a really fun weekend - I wish I could've been there.

choirgirl said...

Your posts are so funny, especially with the pictures. Thanks for a really fun weekend, T and J. You made it super!