Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pesky Squirrels, Part 2

Arrrrrgh! The cayenne pepper didn't work at all. Next try: some sort of screen, or maybe bars (perhaps from old grills?). The plants do need to achieve their height, after all.

What really rankles is that the squirrels don't even seem to be using anything from the pots or plants, nor do they seem to be using the pots as toilets (thank goodness). They just seem to want to get in there and scrabble up the earth out of pure devilment!

I bought some mint today--hoping to get that going before I bring it inside. Fingers crossed that the squirrels don't 'molester' that too!


Magic Cochin said...

Managed to pick 23 walnuts from our little walnut tree before fore the squirrels grabbed them. RESULT!!!!!


An Briosca Mor said...

Obviously the squirrels in your neighborhood don't realize that in the neighborhoods where you grew up people EAT squirrels. Life is a giant game of rock, paper, scissors after all. Maybe you should remind them who they're dealing with.

T said...

Celia--congrats on the walnuts! Result indeed! (I've been enjoying your blog, by the way!)

John, on what evidence are you basing your idea that my family and/or their neighbors (and farm help, migrant or not) eat squirrels?

An Briosca Mor said...

Hey, I never said it was your family or your immediate neighbors. But there's got to be people down in that neck of the woods who hunt squirrel, just like in West Virginia where my people come from. (Even though I don't think any of my people have eaten squirrel either - although then again I've never asked!). Whereas in your current neighborhood of Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs, I doubt there has been any squirrel hunting other than by automobile for quite some time, which might lead squirrels who hang out in areas where cars don't go (like your yard) to forget their place in the food chain and think that they own the neighborhood.

But really, after last week's episode and now this, maybe I need to give my blogging and commenting a rest until this weird turn in my sense of humor sorts itself out, lest I get in even deeper doo-doo, eh?

T said...

There might be a very few in Halifax County who hunt squirrels, but given the population size of both squirrels and humans in the five boroughs, I would put money on there being more squirrel hunting here in NYC, even by percentage.

The point is, whether you're making jocular comments about your rural relatives or mine, it's worth thinking about whether any given rural/urban (or black/white, non/America--fill in binary here) stereotype *actually* works. Most times I think people would be surprised.