Friday, February 1, 2008

Meanwhile, Back at Jesus....

I'm not sure I've mentioned that the college here at Cambridge with which I'm affiliated is Jesus College--a name that creates all sorts of opportunities for unintentional hilarity, as in, "Are you going back to Jesus soon?"

Name aside, I get a good giggle every once in a while at printed materials, like these:

From the Jesus College library rules:

"Please do not let the college cat into the library."

Yes, there is a college cat, and it's black and white--very attractive, and he (?) nearly came up to me one day, only to pass by nonchalantly as though I weren't sitting there clicking to him. It seems a fairly common thing, having a college cat, and I wish we had an NYU cat--except that it would certainly come to some terrible end.

And best of all:

This morning, as I was walking to the library, I saw the notices out for Chapel events this evening. Thinking I would see something about music, I looked more closely, but what I saw was a sign that said

"TONIGHT! Film of a potentially morally improving nature!"

The film is A Room With a View, and I would almost go, except that I'd be afraid of the sorts of people wanting moral improvement on a Friday night--they might potentially want to morally improve me! So I have decided that unless I meet a crowd at the LGBT drinks earlier who want to go and crash it in order to leer salaciously at Helena Bonham Carter, I'll sit this one out. HBC isn't my type, anyway.


Melissa said...

At Jesus College, is it still true that your God can't feel my pa...?

An Briosca Mor said...

So, when you made up your mind to go there, was it a "come to Jesus" moment?

Are there also Mary and Joseph Colleges over there?

And while you're there, could you find out what his middle initial H stands for? I've always wondered about that.

Finally, welcome to a whole new crowd of Google search hits. Will we be able to hear their screams as their eyeballs are fried by your blog?

T said...

Qwags--hmmm, I'm not sure about that! I guess in some people's belief systems, it's possible that someone's God might be able to feel my pa, but as for your pa, I'm not sure!

John--I guess I didn't really choose--Jesus just entered my life! As for the other colleges--I'm not sure, but it's entirely possible. There's St. John's, Emmanuel, Trinity, etc.... And the H--I'll ask the porters next time I'm down at the porters' lodge....