Friday, March 23, 2007

Cat Food and Amoxicillin: the New Look for Spring

As those of you who talked to me yesterday already know, J and I have a sick kitty--poor Maddie has a bad head cold. We took her to the vet Wednesday morning, got some kitty meds, and as she's an older cat, the vet told us we have to be especially careful to make sure she eats at least a little something. That wasn't a big deal on Wednesday, as Maddie thought she was in kitty heaven when the vet pulled out some wet food to give her there in the office--but for some reason, her appetite for stinky cat food waned yesterday and hasn't returned today. I think it's because she can't really smell much; she also wasn't interested in catnip.

So what that means is that in addition to giving her the bright pink amoxicillin liquid (which smells like bubble gum and which she HATES with a growling passion), we also have to try to get her to eat. Last night I had an idea that maybe she'd lick it off my hands more quickly than eat it from her bowl, but that only resulted in me wearing more of the cat food than Maddie ate! Ditto the meds, but the vet assured us they take that into consideration with the dosage.

The only therapeutic activity she doesn't seem to mind is hanging out with us when we take showers!

I can't wait until this kitty is back to normal! She's clearly feeling better--she's much more spirited than she was on Wednesday--but the not eating is worrisome. Not getting sneezed on will also be a grand change!

Speaking of which--the vet thinks we can help her chronic sneezing with L-lysine, an amino acid that's supposed to be good for mucus membranes. That is, once we can get her to eat!

In other news, this weekend I have to write a conference paper for next weekend (MACSEM in Williamsburg, VA)

In the meantime, for those of you in academia, here's a fun website for checking up on who gets hired for which jobs....

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