Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Game for People

No, this one isn't about the kitty, though I did get her a brush today--she loves it!

This is a rendition of a game Rob and I used to play in the car: "Babe Or Not Babe," aka "Hot Or Not Hot." Note that registering an opinion on someone of a gender not usually your preference is fine, and will not be taken to mean you're gay/straight/whatever. It's just a silly way to pass the time.

Ok, I'll go first.


Babe, in a strange sort of way. I can't explain it.

Now it's your turn.

Yes, your turn. Go ahead, comment!


Juicey Sniz (Independent Party) said...

Roseanne??? Totally HOTTT!!! That is, until she went blonde. And had a talk show that once featured people without skin, vying for equal rights.

Ok, ok. In honor of the new South Park, how about Hillary Clinton (AKA Hilldog)?


NOT BABE. Sorry, dems. NGH. For snizzle

T said...

Yeah, I'm usually way into blondes (as you know), but Roseanne as a blonde? NO WAY!

Hildawg...errrrrr, not in this lifetime....

mmmqq said...

not hot
Not hot
NOt hot
NOT hot

... did I get my point across??

T said...

I take it you mean both Roseanne and Hildawg :-)

Ok, how about William Hurt?
(not hot)

Sophie said...

Hmmmm, I'm not sure I get the Roseanne thing but always had a crush on Darlene. She's showed up in ER recently and I still think she's completely sexy. It's the voice also, I think.

William, not hot. I was going to say a little bit hot, but I was thinking of *John* Hurt who looks like Charlie Piggott as a Hollywood actor. So that's my next one for everyone to rate.

T said...

Yes, Darlene is *definitely* hot. No question about it whatsoever.

Charlie're on your own there, Sophie! And I just looked up John Hurt. Noooooooo....

But what about Anthony Hopkins? (Hot.)

mmmqq said...

William Hurt = not so hot
Darlene = meh, but dig the hair
Anthony Hopkins = very hot

Ed Harris = very very hot hot

Ann said...

Roseanne = not
Hillary = not
Darlene = hot
John Hurt = sexy but hideous
Anthony Hopkins = not really
Ed Harris = HOTT!!

William Hurt? please don't insult me! Albert Brooks, on the other hand, has always pleased me.

Brad Johnson? not hot. (you may have to do some imdb research to figure out who he is...)

Anonymous said...

Roseanne = not
Hillary = not
Colin Firth = HOT!!
Remington Steele = HOT!!!

(yeh, not so anonymous, am i?)