Saturday, March 3, 2007

Strangely good snack

At the suggestion of my acupuncturist, I have been trying to eat more celery. That's something of a hardship, because while I don't mind it in soups and such, I'm not in the least a fan of it raw, nor am I excited about it as a primary menu item.

Nevertheless, this afternoon I chopped up a little and stir-fried it with a handful of cashews and a dash of tamari. Good enough to eat, and good enough that J got up and made herself a serving (I'd offered to make enough for both, but I don't think either of us anticipated anything more than edible).

It's not a dish I'll make often for its own sake, most likely, but it worked nicely.

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choirgirl said...

That sounds like a good option. Ask the accupuncturist whether celery seed will also do the trick, because if it will, it is a really easy way of incorporating that into your diet. A sprinkling of everything savory you eat is not overly obtrusive in flavour, but helped me reduce my salt intake. It's generally really good for the metabolism.