Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Second Life for Leftovers; Tropicália

Last night, to celebrate my return home J made a batch of her wonderful pesto and a pot of the quick version of her tomato sauce. We were too late to get fresh pasta from the Italian store on 7th Ave, but she also cobbled a bean dish together from spinach, red bell pepper, and cannelini beans--very simple but tasty nonetheless. I ate the beans cold for breakfast, and just now fecked the rest of the leftovers into the pot with chickpeas, more red pepper and spinach, and a little more pasta. Voila, damn good dinner!

In the meantime, I've been listening to that Tropicália album. Great stuff altogether, though not quite what I was expecting. This is a compilation done by Soul Jazz Records of London, and includes tracks from Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Os Mutantes, Jorge Ben, and Tom Zé--and only one duplicate track--predictably, Caetano Veloso's Tropicália. Definitely lots of influence from the US and UK--Beatles, Bob Dylan, etc.--which is exactly what the movement was about. (Read more here.)

In other news, I finally put the azaleas I won in the BRIMS silent auction into the ground. Let's see if they live. The best spot for them also seems to be a place popular with local critters, perhaps the tomcats who occasionally stop by to yowl at Maddie. I figure the plants stand a better chance there than in their pots, anyway. Maybe this weekend J & I will get around to planting the seeds I gave her for her birthday....


mmmqq said...

mmmm... Sarah came over last night and we fixed up some yummy fish... tacos? Burritos? Steamed tilapia en papillote with lemon slices, butter, and parsley, some fresh quasi-guac (just avocado, lemon, salt), corn toasted in a cast iron w/ some garlic and some queso fresco, all wrapped insdie yummy whole wheat torillas :)

Sophie said...

I would just like that share that on this day I actually made fresh pasta from scratch with the beautiful seventies orange pasta maker I found in a charity shop.

It's a fun sort of thing to do, but you'd have to be enjoying yourself as it is *a lot* of effort and, to be really honest, deli-bought pasta or even a more expensive supermarket kind would be just as good, though of course that doesn't come with the homely satisfaction of having made it yourself.

Mind you, I made the mistake of putting my tagliatelle on the one plate after cutting them so they all stuck together. My boyfriend says I have invented a new type of pasta called "maltagliata" (badly cut). Grazie molto.

Anyhow. What will be good is being able to fill my own ravioli.