Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mars Returns to the Planet Earth

So it looks like I'll be able to indulge in the occasional Twix this summer after all: after many complaints, Mars Inc. has changed its corporate mind about the rennet. Read the story here (and thanks to Rob for his comment pointing me toward this article).

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Mike said...

Even I, having failed to become vegetarian and being irreparably enamored of various cheese that can only be made with rennet, think candy bars made with rennet are the dumbest thing I've heard since "Mission Accomplished."

More generally, while I can come to philosophical terms with the continued farming of species that have been domesticated for 10 or 20 centuries for the same purposes, I find it really creepy to introduce, In This Day and Age, new uses for animal products. (To say nothing of attempts to domesticate new species. I am not OK with emu farming in Maryland.)