Thursday, May 3, 2007

It's Worth Saying (Again)

...Värttinä are awesome! Luddite I am, I hardly ever pull out the albums after Kokko...right now Seleniko is totally hitting the spot, and maybe it'll even help me start writing my paper due on Monday...where there's life there's hope, and where there are singing Finns there's even more hope.


Sophie said...

Oh, yes! They are fantastic.

I used to play those in the car before a job interview to pep me up. Or indeed anything that requires you to feel perky and energetic without it being in any sort of way the annoying kind of perky peppy music.

Will put it on as soon as I get home.

Oh and Vihma is best of the post-Kokko ones in my opinion.

T said...

And wasn't that the album I gave you without having made a copy for myself first! (Maybe it wasn't...maybe it was something else....)

Is that the one with the crazy creepy scary (and awesome) snake song on it?

And yes, Varttina are perfect in those situations when Belinda Carlisle just won't do :-)