Thursday, April 19, 2007


As y'all know, I had been expecting lots of hits from people searching "Virginia Tech" on Google Blogsearch--but have not, as far as I can tell, gotten a single one...yet the "P---y P--n" hits keep coming. I can only imagine that the sheer volume of Tech stuff out there is overwhelming, even to the most obsessed blogtrawler....

In other news, J and I have begun teasing Maddie that we're going to get her a kitten to play with. That could be a very good idea...or a very bad one--and it's impossible to figure out which without trying it. In any case, we won't follow up on that idea until after the summer.

1 comment:

mmmqq said...

I thought that getting Oberon to keep Fluffy company would be a good idea. Yeah, whatever.

Can you maybe bring someone else's cat over to see how she reacts to someone invading her territory? Has she ever been around other cats?