Thursday, April 12, 2007

Miracles *Can* Happen

...I am nearly finished writing my paper that's due tomorrow, which means I won't have to get up before 9 or so!* Glory hallelujah! As it turns out, I'm getting to go on about the controversy over Dingle's recent renaming--and un-renaming. Good fun.

In other news, I made the tough decision to pull my paper out of the Feminist Theory & Music 9 conference in Montreal in June so I can go to Ireland earlier. I'm bummed that I had to make that choice--it's such a fun conference!--but it will save me money and give me a bit more time in Ireland.

* that is, if Maddie doesn't wake us up AGAIN before the alarm. She's getting outrageous about doing that, and it makes me CRANKY to have to get up before I have to!

1 comment:

choirgirl said...

Well done making such good progress with your paper. You really are getting expert at that.
I'm sorry you had to pull out of the conference, but there is only so much that it is possible to do, and I'm sure the extra time in Ireland will be great.