Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Procrastinatrix

Yeah, that's me. All I meant to do was look up "calque"...and from there, I wound up taking this "Where Should You Live" quiz....

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.


Rob said...

I belong in London too!

But I went back and changed some of my answers, then all of them (trying to see what it would take to belong in New York or Paris or (imagine!) Washington) and I got London every time. Maybe I really do belong there, regardless of my answers.

choirgirl said...

Guess what I got....

New York!

Life is too good.

T said...

Wow, I'm glad to hear that London isn't the only possibility! And of course, N, that's perfect news for you....

Rob, Jenny & I will see you in London!

On the same quiz site, I also discovered that I'm 72% gross. Patrick Olwell *does* always call me a "secret slob"....

Sophie said...


I wanted Rome...

An Briosca Mor said...

I took the quiz, but I had a hard time with it because for most of the questions i really needed an answer that wasn't there, like 'None of the above' (for the designer question, since I wouldn't know any of them if I saw them) or 'All of the above' (for the what you couldn't live without in a city question). But after I thre an answer in for every question, I discovered that I too belong in London.

Then I took the 'What Kind of Panties Are You?' quiz. Oddly, I had an easier time coming up with answers to all those questions, and discovered that I am Silly Panties. I wonder what the other possible panties are?

T said...

Ok, so all these Londons were getting tiresome, so I picked the opposite of all the stuff I'd be likely to pick, and got Paris. As for panties, John, you fared better than I did: I got Basic. Again, I wonder what the other possibilities are...here's the link, for anyone else who wants it (and who happens to have time to be checking old comments!)


An Briosca Mor said...

And my Celebrity Boob Twin is Clare Danes. That's becuse the closest choice they offered to what my bra size would probably be is 36A. (Although I've never actually been measured. Maybe I'll do that sometime - it would be more fun than the colonoscopy I've been due for as of a couple of years ago...) If you go by what my probable cup size is (AA) the largest they offer there is 34, and if I chose that my Celebrity Boob Twin would be Kate Hudson.

Hmmm. I wonder what bra size you have to put in to get Don Imus as your Celebrity Boob Twin?

Rob said...

I'm a thong. I could have guessed that.

I wonder if commando is one of the possibilities?

Sophie said...

I'm adding on some answers for those whose spiritual home would be Ennis:

1. Well dressed woman:

- Dunnes Stores finest.

2. Career:

- Interest in either live stock or call centres

3. Couldn't enjoy a city that didn't have.

- Continuous sessions. (And decuct five points for Ennis if you picked "great food".)

4. First impression of you

- Ultra-friendly and good at small talk

5. You're idea of culture:

- Trad. More trad. A lot of trad. Nothing else.

6. When you go for dinner you usually opt for:

- Spuds

T said...

Ha! Or for the food one, it could be Supermac's....


1. Well-dressed woman: cuffed jeans and ripped t-shirt

2. Career: barista or sandwich-maker

3. Couldn't enjoy a city that didn't have: 2 independent radio stations and a bagel empire

4. First impression: trendy, oh so trendy--in a hippified way.

5. Your idea of culture: Vinegar Hill Theater

6. When you go out for dinner, you usually opt for: whatever new restaurant just opened on the Downtown Mall...or bagels

Ann said...

I belong in Rome

and Anna Nicole Smith (may she rest in peace) is my celebrity boob twin.

Somehow the two seem incongruous. Perhaps this is what makes my character so rich. ;-)

T said...

Ann, it's a good thing you live across the ocean from Sophie (whom you haven't yet met), because I'm sure she'll be *very* jealous.

My celebrity boob twin is Angelina Jolie. Oddly appropriate, because for a while there, about 80% of my spam was about catching glimpses of her various body parts....

(I'm just glad I got someone I've heard of!)