Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Than the Sum of Its Parts, Part 2

Last night I wasn't feeling too well, so I wound up not going to AE's concert. Sad, but in my under-weatheredness I did manage to replicate another University of Limerick lunchtime comfort food staple: vegetable soup.

It's so simple that it's almost ridiculous to post about it, except that it was divine.

One large leek, 4 smallish stalks of celery, one sizeable carrot, 5 small potatoes, and enough vegetable stock to give it a soupy consistency. A little dried oregano and thyme, but very little additional salt, because the bouillon cubes I use are fairly salty (Rapunzel brand--the best US cubes I've found for making soup). I sauteed everything in a bit of butter, boiled the hell out of it, and pureed it, and it definitely made me feel better. I considered fecking a little milk into it, but in the end decided it didn't need even that.

Whatever am I going to do in Donegal this summer without my little Cuisinart whooszhy thing?


Sophie said...

Ah, you don't need it in Ireland as "vegetable soup" is the Soup of the Day at leat 85% of the times. I agree that it is lovely, but I'm getting a bit bored of it too.

Also, you can get a handheld wooshy for about 15 euro or less. It won't be super quality but would keep you in soup.

Rob said...

Since I've never known what to call the damn thing -- "handheld blender wand?" Please -- I declare that such a gadget shall from this day forward be called a "whooshy."

T said...

I think 15 Euro for a whooshy thing will count as "research expenses"!

And yes, "whooshy thing" is really the only acceptable name for such an appliance.

An Briosca Mor said...

I think the technical name for this device is 'immersion blender'. But in classes at L'Academie I've also heard it referred to as a 'boat motor'. I'm actually on my second one of these, having worn out the first one, which was a Cuisinart IIRC. The one I have now is a Kitchen Aid, and it seems pretty sturdy. But I'm finding that of late I prefer my real blender because it gives a smoother puree than the whooshy does. However, my Kitchen Aid whooshy came with a little blade-in-a-bowl food processor attachment that I use all the time to mince garlic and shallots and such. That's also where I make the guacamole that everyone seems to like so much. Well, if not everyone then at least Josh, Diana and Danny, who have all been caught scarfing down mass quantities of it and even going so far as to lick the bowl in public. Although to be fair to Diana, I don't think she actually licked the bowl. But she wanted to...