Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How to get lots of website hits

All you have to do is mention a certain television show that airs on VH1 on Monday nights...though it feels a bit cheap to do that gratuitously, so I'm not.

In other news, today Nicol told me that NYU is sponsoring the first annual "Iron Chef NYU" competition this month--but I just discovered that the deadline for applications passed on February 5. Bummer! That could have been a hoot and a half. Of course, the website said that they wanted a focus on healthy food...so my cooking may or may not have been eligible, depending on one's view of butter applied liberally and often.


choirgirl said...

Oh, what a pity the application deadline has passed. You would have been so great for that. Perhaps next year.

T said...

Yes, it sucks! Oh, well...who has time to wow the drooling hordes with culinary feats of not-so-daring, anyway? :-)