Saturday, February 10, 2007

More soup!

Once again, I'm getting my University of Limerick cafeteria on--last night I made potato leek soup. It's so simple that it's a bit ridiculous to describe it to you lot, some of whom are able to make all kinds of crazy wonderful things that I don't have the time or patience to bother with, like pizza dough or even cookies (sad when I couldn't be bothered to make cookies!). But hey, that's why I attempt to get to all those DC-area tune parties!

Anyway, the soup: 2 sizeable leeks sauteed in butter, 6 or 7 potatoes (I wasn't counting), the last of my lovely veg stock from the freezer (it's time to make more), salt, pepper, a pinch of dried oregano and a pinch of thyme. All boiled 'til it's falling apart, then pureed with "the whoozshy thing" and a handful of parsley and watercress stirred in at the end. Once again, I added milk to my part of it but left J's vegan. Accompanied by nice bread and butter. Mmmmm, carb heaven!

Tonight, though, we're going to get all dolled up and go out. We might go to the 12th Street Bar and Grill, but haven't decided yet. We're spoiled for choice in this neighborhood--quite a change from the last 'hood, where it was fried chicken, fried chicken, and more fried chicken, served from behind bulletproof plexiglass.

The Book(s) I'm Not Reading (yet): lots of articles about applied ethnomusicology and applied anthropology.


Rob said...

Mmm. You just reminded me of a cold, rainy, nasty day in Westport, when I found a little corner caff serving not a soup, but a pie of cheese, potatoes, and leeks pie. Nothing fancy, just the three ingredients and a little cream, layered in a dish and baked till browned and bubbly. Oh, my god. That and a pot of tea took the chill right out of me. I think I'll make that for dinner tonight. Thank you!

T said...

Mmmmmm...that reminds me of another favorite from shepherd's pie--basically the same idea, but with less cheese and salmon and cod in it. to make a non-dairy version of that? Any ideas?

T said...

P. S. That dish screams for a side of cabbage! :-)