Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Want to Go Hide Under a Rock.

Oh, bitter Fate! Oh, cruel Irony! Oh, goddamn Small Print!

After all that work on the grant proposal, getting next to nothing else done this weekend, and going through a painful existential crisis about it--and ultimately coming out on the other side of misery with the whole damn thing--

I found out that I needed to request an undergraduate transcript from William & Mary. I THOUGHT I had read the small print carefully to find out whether I needed one. So all that work--and asking my two very fabulous and fabulously busy advisors for letters of recommendation, which they took the time to write--all for nothing.

I guess the only thing to do right now is what I'm doing: listening to http://www.deathmetal.com/nile/, ranting about it, petting Kitty, and soon I'll watch an episode of Moonlighting. And tomorrow, wake up and start reading for linguistic anthropology. Again.

The Book I'm Not (Re)Reading: J. L. Austin's How To Do Things with Words.


Juice said...

I'm about to come watch "Moonlighting" with you on the couch and give you a big supportive smooch.

choirgirl said...

Oh that really sucks. After everything. Still, as terrible as it was, the existential crisis might turn out to be worth it, if it helps you make things better for the future.
Take care of yourself tonight, and relax a little. I'm thinking of you.

Rob said...

Oh, hell, T, I'm sorry. That's thoroughly wretched.

But death metal is excellent therapy. Have I pushed Gorod on you yet?


T said...

TCMTC! You hadn't turned me on to them...do you have a cd of them? And not death metal, but how do you like the Sepultura?

Rob said...

Oh, didn't I tell you? The Sepultura's WAY past awesome. It's in heavy rotation.

I actually don't have any of Gorod's albums yet, but they're on my shopping list.