Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Small moves, Ellie. Small moves.

(Mini-contest, no prize: who, other than Jenny, can name the source of that quotation?)

So today's small moves--so far--have been these:

1. I read and made extensive notes on Bauman & Briggs' "Genre, Intertextuality, and Social Power"--an excellent article, but long and dense! Of course, this took all day. That was not part of my grand plan.

2. I think I've managed to get Jenny obsessed with "Broadcast News." Woo hoo!

3. Giblet is starting to respond to the little "tik tik" noise I use to call cats to me. (I'm going to miss this kitty when she leaves on Friday week!)

Now--the next small move: writing a short 6 page paper about the ethnography of speaking.

The Book I'm Not Reading: a trashy mystery novel--and I won't get to read one anytime soon! (Claire, I'm SO jealous!)


Mike said...

Is it from Contact?

T said...

You got it!