Friday, February 2, 2007

Kitty update

Just when we thought we had Giblet figured out (a female, calico version of Garfield), I discovered that she actually has a bit of play in her after all! I dug out an old shoelace from my dear departed Doc Martens, and she chased the string & me around the apartment for a while last night. We may not have her long enough to slim her down, but at least she'll have a happy couple of weeks with us. (It's not looking like her owner will abandon her with us--which is good news, since then we can get KITTENS!)

Maybe I'll catch Giblet on candid camera tonight with the shoestring. Or on audio--she makes a fearful WHUMP! when she jumps up and lands.

The book I'm not reading: Arturo Escobar's Encountering Development: The Making and Unmaking of the Third World. I'm about to sit down with it, though. Fascinating stuff...though according to my advisor I must watch out about using that f- word. Luckily, this is a blog and not a grant proposal.


choirgirl said...

That is so funny, my former advisor in SA also said I should watch out for "that word".
I'm so glad Kitty is having fun. It sounds like you would be good kitty owners. I look forward to meeting the kittens when you get them.

T said...

...I guess we should watch out for "fabulous" too--another of my favorites. And I probably shouldn't write "ass" in any grant proposals either :-) Darn!