Friday, February 16, 2007


Through a strange twist of fate, Giblet's coming home!

This morning, our friend Megan (the go-between between us and Giblet's owner...long story why her owner didn't deal with us directly) came to collect the kitty, and so I--sad and feeling very much like I was sending Giblet to some version of doom--got her in the cat carrier and out to the car. (Incidentally, this enterprise is much easier with a declawed cat, as horrible as I think declawing is.) Soon they were off--I think Giblet was going to hang out at Megan's house until her owner got off work.

So there I was, sitting in my therapy appointment this afternoon, already having talked about how sad we were to see Giblet leave, and my phone rings: Megan. I silenced it the first couple of times, but picked up the third time, thinking it must be important. And indeed! Apparently Giblet was in the car, ready to go to Iowa, and Megan said something about how well she thought we'd been treating Giblet, and the owner asked if we wanted to keep that's why Megan was ringing me: to find out whether we really did want her. Between the first and the third times she rang, Megan had had to make the executive decision that we did want Giblet, and so I think she was fairly relieved when I answered and said she'd definitely made the right choice.

So this evening Giblet will be coming back to her beloved box, her Doc Marten shoestring toy, and us. (We hadn't sent those things with her, assuming that they'd just be thrown out anyway.)

Now all she needs is a new name, because Widget/Giblet are not suitable names for a nice kitty.


choirgirl said...

that is such great news! Congratulations. I have been loving the Giblet postings, and am delighted that there will be more. There is one very lucky cat in Brooklyn tonight. Have fun with her. Can't wait to hear what name you decide on.

Rob said...

What's wrong with Giblet? I'd name a cat Giblet.

T said...

I know you'd name a cat Giblet! So would I...but not this cat, not for the long term. It seems to me that she was initially given a name that isn't a name, since a "widget" is something not worth naming specifically. "Giblet" is a little better, but there's still the connotation of something lesser, or something to be thrown away. This kitty has been shuffled around enough by now (we're not the first to have had care of her when it wasn't convenient for the owner to have her) that I think she needs a name that reflects her new status as unequivocably wanted kitty.

Megan said...

I'm just delighted that this worked out. And to say I was relieved was an understatement. I was a little nervous that I'd either have to find Widget ANOTHER home ASAP or fly with her to Iowa!

Sophie said...

Yes. I forgot to say it in my e-mail but I'll join the rest of your readership in congratulating you on your new prema-cat and the cat on her new servants.

And I don't like Giblet either. Maybe for a turkey, but for a cat it's just undignified.

Embarrassed Sophie said...

I meant perma-cat.