Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Too cool, man. Too cool.

(Maybe I'll make this a recurring "feature" in the blog--TCMTC?)

Anyway, what's too cool tonight is that my international readership is expanding! Gotta love that. Shout out to Sophie in Ireland, and whichever of Nicol's friends in South Africa are reading. And anyone else out there beyond the East Coast. Once again, too cool, man. Too cool.

(It doesn't take much to keep me entertained.)

In other news, acupuncture today was also very cool. I didn't know those needles could stop racing thoughts, too. And Giblet hasn't growled at us in over a week now. She's almost a different cat...except that she still likes to sneeze in my face.

The Book I'm Not Reading: I'm almost done with the Basso. Tomorrow I have Bauman & Briggs' article, "Genre, Intertextuality, and Social Power." Rock on.

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Jenny Juice Box Flava Grillz said...

While you were writing this, I was indulging my latest weird obsession (thanks to your boob tube post): GRILLZ. Here is what grill designer Paul Wall has to say about his diamond grillz (see, it doesn't take much to entertain me either):

Paul Wall and everyone at Grills by Paul Wall abhors the practices used to
obtain "blood diamonds". We do not support the illicit diamond trade.
We refuse to use diamonds that have been traded illegally, as well as
any diamonds that were discovered by enslaved and harshly mistreated
miners. Paul Wall visited Sierra Leone this past summer with a contingency
from the United Nations and VH1 in an effort to learn more about the
situation there. Paul was deeply grieved by the poverty and despair he found.
With the aim of promoting healing and providing support for the people of that
war ravaged land, Grills by Paul Wall is donating 100 percent of the profits from
sales of all the grills that contain red stones to humanitarian efforts in Sierra Leone
and other war impoverished countries affected by the diamond trade, in hopes to help
repair the damage caused in part by the illicit smuggling and mining of diamonds.